About Rent with Pets

Why did
we launch

rent with pets?

When trying to find a home to rent, there are very few properties that allow pets. In fact, 78% of pet owners experience problems when trying to find a rental property. And that leaves you in a hairball of a situation.

Nearly 50% of the UK’s population owns a pet. And pets, when they are brought home, aren’t just ‘pets’. They’re a member of your family. You name them, feed them, care for them and love them. So, what’re you meant to do when you need to find somewhere to live but nowhere will accept pets? 

And worse still: when you go and view a property, fall head over heels in love with it, picture your family living there and then get told that you’re not eligible unless you ‘get rid’ of your furry family member.

How do
rent with pets

When you consider that 1 in 5 homes are occupied by a pet owning family, it seemed crazy to that there wasn’t a website that shows pet-friendly properties only, which accept every tenant, whether they have paws, scales, gils or feet. 

We found other property sites don’t allow you to filter down whether a property is truly fluff-friendly. So, if you’re a tenant or future tenant, finding the right match could take hours of phone calls and viewings. That’s why our website only displays exclusively pet-allowing homes that will accept your floofs; saving you hours of scrolling, phone calls and disappointment.


Read what other users of Rent with Pets have to say about our service.

It’s so hard! Given so many people have pets, as a landlord they’re missing a huge chunk of the market!


This is such a useful service! Well done for coming up with it.


What a great idea, I can see this saving pet owners a lot of time!


This is such a good idea – I had a nightmare when I was looking to rent with my dog and cats.